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Sales Training

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    Is learning sales possible? Topic: Sales Training
    Many people may disagree whether learning sales and how to be a good sales person is possible. This is because some believe that you are either born to be a sales person or you are not. And if you are not, you cannot be a successful sales person. Letís dig a little deeper into this.
    Published: Tuesday 14 May, 2013
    The Best Sales Questions Topic: Sales Training
    Asking the best sales questions can help you to get them most out of your meetings and interactions with target prospects. And since the time with prospects is limited and valuable, making those as productive as they can be can be the difference between failure and success. Here are some tips to hel...
    Published: Saturday 23 June, 2012
    Four Tips for Performing Sales Research Topic: Sales Training
    Performing some sort of sales research can have a direct improvement on sales performance. A few areas that we can focus some time collecting information are the company, the industry, the people, and the competition. Not only will having knowledge in these areas give us more power by enabling us ...
    Published: Sunday 06 November, 2011
    Sales Role-Play is a Key to Success Topic: Sales Training
    Sales role-play is a minor step that we can take that deliver tremendous results. Role-playing refers to the act of two or more people playing out a particular scenario. Applying to this to sales, we can role-play many different scenarios in the sales cycle including cold calling, fielding objecti...
    Published: Sunday 25 September, 2011
    Six Tips to Improve Selling Topic: Sales Training
    The great thing about sales is that adding extra effort does not always improve selling. Why this is great is that there are very clear and practical things that we can do to immediately improve results.
    Published: Sunday 04 September, 2011
    Using Sales Role-Play to Improve Sales Performance Topic: Sales Training
    Working as a sales person can be very challenging and sales role-play is one tool that can be used to decrease uncertainty of how a sales person is going to perform. Role-playing refers to two people practicing a sales scenario with one person being the sales person and the other being the prospect...
    Published: Saturday 27 August, 2011
    Four Benefits of Cold Call Training Topic: Sales Training
    Just about every sales organization would like to improve cold calling results and might be able to benefit from cold call training. Either current cold calling results are currently not good and they need to be improved or the current level of performance is acceptable but driving even better resu...
    Published: Saturday 13 August, 2011
    The Value of Cold Call Training Topic: Sales Training
    Just about every sales organization performs some sort of cold calling. And most of those organizations incorporate some sort of training for their sales staff. The training may include some information on the products and services that are being sold, maybe some information on the company systems...
    Published: Monday 27 June, 2011
    Analysis of a Telecom Purchase to Improve Sales Performance Topic: Sales Training
    I recently called a communications provider to inquire about purchasing data/connectivity services and there were a number of things that the telephone sales person could have done better. This article will provide a quick analysis of what he did an what he could have done differently to improve sa...
    Published: Sunday 15 May, 2011
    Collecting Information is Key to Increasing Sales Topic: Sales Training
    Sometimes trying to find business and get into an account is like being a detective trying to solve a crime. And in order for a sales person to be like a successful detective, they must be able gather all of the key clues and information. We have already discussed that researching customer informa...
    Published: Monday 16 November, 2009
    Displaying 1 to 10 (of 11 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]