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Sales Tools

Sales Tools
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 Sales Role-Play Software  Sales Role-Play Software
Sales role-play is one of the activities that can tremendously improve sales results. Role-playing is basically practicing sales scenarios out before we experience those scenarios occur in the field or on the phone. Trying to execute without doing any role-playing could be like playing a sport and not practicing outside of a real game and this can lead to poor performance. The same relationship exists in sales and we can improve sales results and decrease sales turnover at the same time by increasing the amount of practice. ...MORE
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 Cold Calling ebook  Cold Calling ebook
Cold calling is a blood sport. Sales professionals hate making cold calls and customers despise receiving them. Yet those who can rise above the competition and master cold-calling will find themselves closing deals, hitting targets, and positively improving their lives on both professional and personal levels. ...MORE
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 Managing Customer Relationships  Managing Customer Relationships
Launch Pad Solutions is a partner and user of SalesNexus, one of the best web-based CRM solutions on the market. Launch Pad uses this solution internally for three main reasons. ...MORE
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 SalesScripter  SalesScripter

Just about every sales person and business need to script out some of their sales messaging. Whether it is an elevator pitch, cold call script, email template, or voicemail script, stringing the right words together is something that needs to b ...MORE

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