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Articles by Michael Halper
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    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Launch Pad Solutions Referral Program by Michael Halper Topic: About Us
    Launch Pad Solutions, LLC will provide a 10% referral commission to any one who refers Launch Pad to a prospect that turns into a client. This applies to any products or services that are provided directly by Launch Pad. As a result, any third-party or partner services will not apply.
    Published: Thursday 20 January, 2011
    Launch Pad Solutions Gets the Winds Blowing for Electron Storm by Michael Halper Topic: About Us
    Electron Storm, founded by Justin Hedge, is a company that provides and sells a mix of network marketing and technical services. At the time that Launch Pad Solutions first met with Justin Hedge to discuss his business, he had implemented some great ideas and technology and had some good momentum g...
    Published: Monday 29 November, 2010
    Establishing Momentum in New Relationships by Michael Halper Topic: Relationships
    It can sometimes be challenging to establish momentum when meeting new people or at the early stages of new relationships. This area can be challenging because young relationships and social interactions are fairly fragile and there is a lot of room for error. By minimizing any mistakes or miscommu...
    Published: Saturday 16 January, 2010
    Top Ten College Tips by Michael Halper Topic: Student Life
    Going from living with parents during high school to living independently as a college student can one of the biggest transitions in a person’s life. They go from an environment with structure and guidelines to a place where there is a significant amount of freedom and they are left to make the maj...
    Published: Thursday 12 November, 2009
    College Tip # 7 – Exercise by Michael Halper Topic: Student Life
    This exercise can really be anything that gets your body moving for a defined period of time. It could be walking, running, swimming, riding a bike, using exercise equipment, taking exercise classes, etc. The best way to identify if you are doing something that qualifies as quality exercise is to ...
    Published: Tuesday 03 November, 2009
    Michael Halper - Transformation by Michael Halper Topic: Staff
    In order to understand how Michael can help others, it is helpful to be aware of how he has helped himself. Michael is someone who has continually faced challenges in all areas of his life. Whether is has been in the area of money, relationships, career, or fitness, Michael has never had a lot to ...
    Published: Monday 26 October, 2009
    Michael Halper - Why Coaching by Michael Halper Topic: Staff
    Michael Halper has had an interest and a passion for the area of coaching his entire life. This first became apparent at an early age while being captivated watching Tony Robbins infomercials on TV late at night. The intrigue was in the power of self improvement and what someone can achieve when t...
    Published: Monday 26 October, 2009
    Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 articles) Result Pages:  1