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Ideal Sales Process

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Identify Your Ideal Marketing and Sales Process Topic: Ideal Sales Process
Knowing the key steps and flow of you marketing and sales process is critical for success. Of course, every sales scenario and sales prospect is unique. But when we can map out the main marketing and sales steps that we should try to go through, we can greatly improve our sales effectiveness and con...
Published: Sunday 02 September, 2012
Identify Your Sales Process Stages Topic: Ideal Sales Process
Every business will have slightly different sales process stages and it can be very helpful to identify what those main stages are when trying to improve your control and consistency with managing sales cycles. Here are some main stages for sales cycles that could be considered as part of your idea...
Published: Saturday 24 March, 2012
The Best Goals for Early Sales Cycle Stages Topic: Ideal Sales Process
If our goal is to improve our cold calling, it can be very helpful to stop and identify just exactly what the best goals are for sales cycle stages that face first. This is helpful because as we strive to improve results and consistency, it can help to have a very clear idea of where we are in the ...
Published: Wednesday 16 November, 2011
Align With the Prospect's Buying Processes for Sales Excellence Topic: Ideal Sales Process
Once we clearly understand the main stages of a prospectís buying process, and we are aware of the stages that we go through in our selling process, we can then work to align the two throughout the sales cycle to drive sales excellence.
Published: Sunday 10 October, 2010
Dissect a Selling Process to Improve Sales Effectiveness Topic: Ideal Sales Process
In a recent article, Understand the Buying Process to Improve Sales Effectiveness, an example of a buying process was outlined. Just as there is a step-by-step buying process, there is also a step-by-step selling process. By understanding the different stages that a prospect goes through and the d...
Published: Saturday 09 October, 2010
Dissect a Buying Process to Improve Sales Effectiveness Topic: Ideal Sales Process
Have you ever been window shopping and a sales person tried to aggressively close you as if you were looking to purchase that day. How did that make you feel? Did it push you away? On the other extreme, have you ever been ready to pull the trigger but a sales person did not take you seriously enou...
Published: Friday 24 September, 2010
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 articles) Result Pages:  1