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Closing Prospects

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Five Tips for Sales Lead Follow-up Topic: Closing Prospects
While we work to generate leads and close sales, it is likely that the sales prospects will o ask us to call them back and perform some sort of lead follow-up. Since this happens so frequently, the better we manage and execute in the area of follow-up can have drastic improvements in overall sales ...
Published: Saturday 30 July, 2011
Trial Close During Presentations for Sales Effectiveness Topic: Closing Prospects
You can deliver the best and most effective sales presentation, but if you do not trial close regularly during sales presentations, your sales effectiveness might not be at the highest level it could be. Trial closing refers to asking the prospect questions throughout the presentation to check in t...
Published: Saturday 26 February, 2011
Trial Close Regularly to Improve Sales Effectiveness Topic: Closing Prospects
The most important event in sales is the closing of a deal. And some people believe that a sales person is either a closer or they are not. Or the harder they work, the more aggressive they are, and the more times they call they prospect translates into more closed deals. While some of that may b...
Published: Friday 31 December, 2010
Use an Evaluation Plan to Improve the Close Rate Topic: Closing Prospects
One of the most important skills in sales is the ability to close. In the traditional view of the sales profession, many people believed you were either a closer or you were not. Almost like you are born with the ability and it was your genetic make up that determined your success. In the new age...
Published: Sunday 19 December, 2010
Four Keys to Improve Your Sales Close Rate Topic: Closing Prospects
In the world of sales, you often hear people talk about the improving the ability to close deals. But what is it that makes someone better able to close deals? Is it a better personality? Is it a higher level of intensity and aggressiveness? In the old school world of sales, the answers to those...
Published: Saturday 04 December, 2010
Disqualify Sales Prospects to Facilitate Sales Cycles Topic: Closing Prospects
As a sales person needing a commission and to hit quota, we are usually in a mode where we are telling sales prospects why our products are the right product for them. But if the sales opportunity is not moving in the direction or at the speed that you would like, it can be powerful to do the oppos...
Published: Saturday 13 November, 2010
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 articles) Result Pages:  1