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Building Credibility

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Three Ways to Display Strength to Improve Selling Topic: Building Credibility
When looking to improve selling, it can be very helpful to establish credibility and one way to achieve that is to display strength. Strength in this context refers to a high level of competence as a sales person, having a quality product to sell, and working for a stable company. And below are th...
Published: Friday 25 November, 2011
Using Social Proof to Improve Selling Topic: Building Credibility
There are two different times where it is helpful to establish some sort of credibility when trying to improve selling. First, when we face gatekeepers that are trying to screen us out, establishing some credibility can sometimes help them to decrease their guard and feel more comfortable letting u...
Published: Thursday 24 November, 2011
Using Name Dropping to Improve Cold Calling Topic: Building Credibility
There is some good news and bad news when it comes to trying to improve cold calling. The bad news is that trying harder and increasing the activity levels does not necessarily equal improved results. If we are not executing well, more effort will not always solve the problem. The good news is th...
Published: Saturday 16 July, 2011
Utilize Name Dropping as a Cold Calling Technique Topic: Building Credibility
When making cold calls, hitting the phones and having high activity levels is important. But that is not the only thing that is important or the only factor that can lead to success. In addition to working hard and smiling and dialing, there are very simple techniques that can be implemented to im...
Published: Sunday 09 January, 2011
Use Social Proof to Establish Credibility in Sales Topic: Building Credibility
When dealing with sales prospects, it is critical for you to establish credibility. This is so important because there are so many sales people trying to get in the door and get the prospectís attention. If you havenít established credibility, you will blend in with the rest and can get denied by t...
Published: Thursday 04 November, 2010
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 articles) Result Pages:  1