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 Sales Coaching  Sales Coaching

"Launch Pad Solutions helped us to completely revamp our cold calling strategy and messaging.  This ...MORE

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 Sales Consulting  Sales Consulting

"Launch Pad developed a cold calling strategy that made sense for our business and helped us connect with companies we would not have interacted with in our normal sales process." 
Herve Chain, President - Omni ...MORE

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 Sales Role-Play Software  Sales Role-Play Software

Sales role-play is one of the activities that can tremendously improve sales results.  Role-playing is basically practicing sales scenarios ...MORE

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 Sales Training  Sales Training

Launch Pad Solutions provides custom sales training programs.  Each program is custom tailored to each client’s needs and environment.  The program will be designed to hone ...MORE

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 SalesScripter  SalesScripter

Just about every sales person and business need to script out some of their sales messaging. Whether it is an elevator pitch, cold call script, email template, or voicemail script, stringing the right words together is something that needs to b ...MORE

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 SEO Consulting  SEO Consulting

In today’s business environment, it is critical to have a website that is valuable in the eyes of search engines.  When a company is able to successfully have their website classified as valuable by search engines like Google, Yahoo, ...MORE

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 Social Media Outsourcing  Social Media Outsourcing

The use of social media in the business world is increasing everyday.  The good news is that these new platforms of enable businesses of any size to increase sales and connect with prospects that they would never have communicated with oth ...MORE

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 Student Coaching  Student Coaching
The day in the life of a student can be very challenging.  Not only do you have to juggling a sometimes overwhelming load of academic demands, but the social pressures can be just as mentally taxing and challenging.  Be ...MORE
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